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Introducing High End Systems HQ-100 Performance Hazer

High End Systems recently announced the HQ-100 Performance Hazer:

Hq100 callouts

Haze is an integral part of making light beams visible in any performance environment. The HQ-100 Performance Hazer is designed for use in the nightclub, theatrical and touring industries, and can produce a wide range of atmospherics from a subtle, fine mist to a denser fog.

In addition to its low noise levels, the HQ-100 includes an internal LCD color touchscreen menu system, allowing the user to set manual mode controls, settings, DMX functions, and DMX addressing at the fixture. The HQ-100 Haze fluid is specifically formulated with a higher concentration of Triethylene Glycol (TEG) to produce an even, long lasting atmospheric haze.

Features and Specifications include:

  • Continually adjustable haze output from light to heavy
  • High output mode to quickly build haze
  • Built in blower for broad and even dispersion
  • Local control via full color touch display
  • City Theatrical Multiverse wireless control
  • Tank light to easily identify fluid level

For more information or a quote, please contact Creative Stage Lighting or call (518) 251-3302.