Phase 3 Connectors – Industrial Connectors for Power Generation, Cable Assembly, Events, and more!

Creative Stage Lighting has the largest inventory of Phase 3 connectors in North America. Multipin 7-pin and 19-pin connectors are available for your lighting cable assemblies, and coming soon, UL-listed PowerSafe single pole connectors!

P3 7-Pin Connectors

Multi-Pin VSC Connectors. The ultimate 7-pin connector.

P3 19-Pin Connectors

UL approved multi-pin lighting connectors have been developed to offer the highest levels of reliability and safety. Tailored specifically for professional touring applications and are fully Socapex compatible.


P3 Powersafe

Powersafe are mechanically keyed and locked high current single pole connectors as utilised worldwide, by the power generator and utility industries.