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Phase 3 Connectors – Industrial Connectors for Power Generation, Cable Assembly, Events, and more!

Creative Stage Lighting has the largest inventory of Phase 3 connectors in North America. Phase 3 Showsafe Multipin 7-pin and 19-pin connectors are available for your lighting cable assemblies, and coming soon, UL-listed PowerSafe single pole connectors!

Phase 3 Showsafe 7-Pin Connectors

Multi-Pin VSC Connectors. The ultimate 7-pin connector.

Phase 3 Showsafe 19-Pin Connectors

UL approved multi-pin lighting connectors have been developed to offer the highest levels of reliability and safety. Tailored specifically for professional touring applications and are fully Socapex compatible.

Phase 3 Powersafe

Powersafe are mechanically keyed and locked high current single pole connectors as utilised worldwide, by the power generator and utility industries.