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Suspension Solutions

Engineering, Innovation, and Safety First

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With incomparable safety as our mission and decades of real world touring experience at our fingertips, our engineers have developed the Suspension Solutions™ line of rigging hardware. Whether you need couplers to hang your conventional or moving lights, round slings for your truss or high-quality chain bags for your CM motors you can count on Suspension Solutions™. Everything you need to support your system and fly your rig.

Round Slings


Night after night, tour after tour, Suspension Solutions™ Round Slings stand-up to the rigors of the road. These versatile Endless Round Slings are ideal for use in vertical, choker, or basket hitch applications. The soft and pliable design easily conforms to irregularly shaped loads and allows for tighter chokes with an easy release. Durable double jacket protects the loadbearing fibers while the white core warning fibers alert you to damage.

Rated Capacity:

  • Choker – 4200 lbs
  • Vertical – 5300 lbs
  • Basket – 10600 lbs
Description Part Number
Black / 1.5ft ENR2X1.5’
Black / 3ft. ENR2X3’
Black / 6ft. ENR2X6’
Black / 9ft. ENR2X9’
Black / 12ft. ENR2X12’

Wire Rope

Wire Rope

Baskets, bridles, and chokers. bring it on. Suspension Solutions. Wire Rope Slings are ready. Made with 7×19 galvanized air-craft cable and finished to exacting standards with heavy-duty thimbles and flemished spliced eyes, our Wire Rope slings take safety to the steel. Designed to accept ½” and ⅝” shackles.

Description Part Numer
Wire Sling / 5ft 7X19 GAC 5’
Wire Sling / 10ft 7X19 GAC 10’
Wire Sling / 20ft 7X19 GAC 20’
Wire Sling / 30ft 7X19 GAC 30’

Rated Capacity:

  • Choker 1840 lbs
  • Vertical 2400 lbs
  • Basket 5000 lbs

Safety Cables

safety cables

Hang your fixtures high and be safe. Suspension Solutions Safety Cables provide effective safety backups for all of your lighting fixtures and effects. Count on our Safety Cables to provide an effective backup in the event of fixture failure. Made with ⅛”  Galvanized Aircraft Cable.

Description Part Numer
30″ Silver Safety Cable (with 5/16 Spring Hook) 39312-30
30″ Black Safety Cable (with 5/16 Spring Hook) 39312-30B