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EPS DVA 300 Smart View Meter

EPS Smart view Installed

With the Entertainment Power Systems EPS DVA300 Smart View™ Power Meter, you can keep an eye on your power without being overloaded.

Big, bright red, green, and blue displays let you monitor power with a quick glance. UL-Listed 2-space, rack mount 3-phase digital power meter designed for use in portable or installed applications. This device performs voltage, frequency and current measurement functions.

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EPS DVA300 Smart View Meters are C UL Listed

entertainment power systems smart view front.
backside view of EPS SmartView Meter


  • EPS Smart View™ – Allows users to monitor  voltage on all three phases simultaneously.
  • Large, Daylight Readable Meters
  • Numeric and graph bar readout
  • Current / Voltage / Frequency metering for all phases
  • Ground voltage metering
  • Neutral current metering
  • Out of range visual warning
  • Compact 2 rack space design
  • Designed for use in a wide variety of rack mount applications
  • Durable black powder coat finish
  • UL Listed for installation in the field

Correct Voltage – Normal Operation

When voltage is within range (108V to 128V), the Green – Normal LED will be lit for that phase.

EPS Smart View meter Normal Operation

Over Volt Warning

If an over-volt condition occurs on any phase, the Red – Above 128V LED will be lit for that phase.

eps smart view overvolt warning.

Under-Volt Warning

If an under-volt condition occurs on any phase the Blue LED for that phase will begin to illuminate at 108.5V and the green LED will fade out at 105V.

eps smart view under-volt warning.