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Support The Live Events Industry with #WeMakeEvents

By August 27, 2020news

At Creative Stage Lighting, we’re proud to support #WeMakeEvents.

  • Live events employ over 12 million people.
  • Live events contributes over $1 trillion annually to the US economy.
  • 95% of live events have been cancelled due to COVID-19.
  • 96% of companies have cut staff and/or wages.
  • 77% of people in the live events industry have lost 100% of their income, including 97% of 1099 workers.

On September 1, we’ll be lighting the CSL headquarters red in solidarity with #WeMakeEvents.

Help spread awareness of what the live events industry is going through by:

  1. Sharing your story about what live events mean to you:
    • Post on social media with the hashtags #WeMakeEvents, #RedAlertRESTART, and #ExtendPUA
    • Write to your local Congressional leaders
  2. Light up your home, porch, apartment, etc. — be sure to take photos and share on social media!

To learn more about #WeMakeEvents, please go to wemakeevents.org.