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What’s Important

By April 1, 2020standard

Dear friends,

All of us at Creative Stage Lighting send You our Warmest Regards. We Pray that each of You and Your loved Ones are Healthy and out of harm’s way. During times of tremendous stress like we may be experiencing today it is easy to be filled with worry and doubt. Instead, crack open that book you bought years ago. Reading is great exercise for the mind and a wonderful diversion. Look at all those the photographs you have collected over the years. Watch a Funny Movie and Laugh A Lot!

In our little town with upwards of 90 miles of unpaved roads, it is now what we affectionately call – Mud Season. It’s not the prettiest time of year but I still enjoy taking walks outdoors and observing nature. The Geese and Ducks have returned. The Robins look like they have faired well over the winter months and the Squirrels are already packing on the pounds. Needless to say, the Chipmunks are their hyper selves once again. Our Snow is melting. The Grass is returning to Green and the Daffodils are coming up through the soil. The skies are beautiful, and the air is sweet and fresh.

Enjoy and stay in touch with your families, especially if you have them, Your Grandchildren! Immerse into their innocence and purity. And behave yourself like a child. We may not embrace each other in the ways we usually do, or as frequently as we typically would; but a Smile still Looks Incredible from six feet away. Smile Often!

While I love all kinds of music, right now I find myself most inspired and lifted up by the works of Frampton, Genesis, Rundgren, Sting and Yes.

Allow Yourself to be at Peace knowing that the mistakes you’ve made in the past will never be made again. Forgive Yourself!

We will All come out of our current crisis together having been reminded of what to Appreciate and Value the Most!

And that is – EACH OTHER!

Love, George