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CSL and Covid-19

By March 20, 2020news

Well…what a week.

I’m sure you’ve gotten a billion updates like this already, so I’ll get to the point.

Due to the spread of Coronavirus, New York State is mandating no more than 25% of office staff be onsite. Because of this, CSL warehouse and manufacturing staff will be in our North Creek location to build and ship your orders. Anybody capable of working from home is doing so until further notice.

Our phone system is set up to forward phone calls to staff. If they are on another line, please leave a message with them or on our group voicemail inbox, which is monitored regularly. We are following CDC guidelines to maintain our high safety standards as we go through this challenge.

We are prepared for the road ahead.

But enough about us. How are you?

Thank you to those of you who have shared with us how you and your business are handling this situation. We appreciate you sharing your stories with us. We are here to provide our help and support as always.

Thank you for your business and, most importantly, your friendship. Stay healthy.