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About Credit Card Security Codes

By March 27, 2019standard

As a Creative Stage Lighting Client, we wanted to let you know about security updates we are making to orders placed by credit cards to help keep your information safe.

As of March 2019, orders placed with credit cards now require your card’s security code. These are the 3-4 digit numbers found on your credit card. Although we may have your credit card number on file, we will not be storing your card’s security code. This ensures that even if your credit card number has fallen into the wrong hands, charges cannot be made without the physical card in hand.

Please be prepared to share your security code with your sales representative at the time you place your order over the phone. Without that code, we will not be able to complete the order.

If you place your orders through the CSL Customer Portal, you will be prompted for the code during the checkout process.

If you’d like to place orders without a credit card, we invite you to apply for CSL credit terms. You can do so online here.