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Adopt A Road Case Today

By November 2, 2018standard

adopt a road case

We’ve been working through some of our rentals equipment and have come across some road cases that – well, they’re not a piece of gear without a home-on-the-road. They’re a home looking for a piece of gear…maybe your gear.

Cue music —

We’ve listed these Northern Cases online on our store and have marked them down significantly from their original prices. Although originally designed for specific fixtures or other equipment, we’ve listed dimensions for each of them on each product page. You can use them for whatever fits.

All across the entertainment industry, hundreds – maybe thousands or millions of road cases are without a piece of equipment to care for. Won’t you consider adopting these cases today? Call us at (518) 251-3302, or order online, and make a difference in the life of a road case.