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Rosco’s Gobo Design Contest

By July 26, 2018news

roscogobodesigncontestbannerOur Friends at Rosco are holding a gobo design contest. The grand prize winner gets their design in the Rosco Gobo Catalog and a Rosco Image Spot® LED Gobo Projector.

Visit www.rosco.com/gobo-design-contest, fill out the form and upload your design(s) (maximum 3 entries/person). Make sure you include a thoughtful statement that explains why your design should be included in the Rosco Gobo Catalog, because all of the entries will be judged by a panel of accomplished lighting designers (see below). They’ll be looking for the most useful patterns that they believe the lighting community will benefit from most to determine a list of finalists. Those designs may be simple steel break up patterns, show-specific gobo solutions, or dazzling glass gobo designs. If you think other designers would use your gobo design – submit it! The final designs supplied by our panel of judges will be published online and the grand prize winner will be determined by public voting.

The grand prize winner will not only receive the honor of having their design in the Rosco Gobo Catalog (which includes a royalty-bearing license) – they’ll also receive a copy of their winning gobo and an Image Spot® LED gobo projector to project it with! The deadline for submitting gobo designs is August 17th, 2018, so what are you waiting for?

Sounds fun! For more details, visit the post on Rosco’s Spectrum Blog.

Don’t think you have the design chops, but still want that Image Spot® Gobo Projector? It’s a convenient way to get a gobo in a non-theatrical setting like  trade show booth or museum display. You can order online or call us at (518) 251-3302.