Introducing ZOT LED – Lycian’s New LED Followspot

By June 19, 2018 news


Now available from Creative Stage Lighting – Lycian Stage Lighting’s ZOT LED Followspot!

“So bright, you won’t believe it’s LED” is what Lycian is saying about their first LED followspot.

The ZOT LED builds on the success of the existing ZOT line. Enjoy the benefits of green technology while enjoying unsurpassed light output. The ZOT LED is an affordable followspot that doesn’t sacrifice beam quality. The ZOT LED runs cool with no lamp change plus gives you legendary Lycian durability. It’s an outstanding performer in a wide variety of uses.

“The ZOT is a great form factor coupled with a really efficient LED design,” said Steve Lerman, director of sales at Lycian Stage Lighting. “We’ve hit a home run. Thanks to the efficient production parameters of the ZOT Series, the ZOT LED is both a fine followspot and a price leader. We’re proud to put the Made in USA sticker on these followspots.”

Features include:

  • Internal electronic flicker free power supply
  • New trombone for impressive 3-1 spot-zoom ratio
  • New ultra smooth mechanical dimmer
  • Fine focus to soften and harden edge
  • Includes 3 legged base with casters
  • Zoom optics
  • Internal 5-color boomerang
  • Single, quiet fan


Lycian ZOT LED Photomoterics – Beam Angle 6-15º
Distance 30′ 60′ 80′ 100′ 125′ 150′
Spot Diameter 3′ 6’4″ 8′ 10’6″ 13′ 3″ 15′ 8″
Flood Diameter 8′ 15′ 8″ 21′ 26′ 3″ 32′ 8″ 40′
FC Spot 1070 267 150 96 61 43
Lux Spot 11517 2874 1615 1033 657 463
FC Flood 427 107 60 38 25 17
Lux Flood 4596 1151 646 409 269 183

For more information, get in touch with your CSL sales rep at (518) 251-3302, or learn more on the CSL store.

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