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2011 Reflections

By December 23, 2011February 19th, 2021standard


Well here we are about to close out another year. Thank You for all of your Support, Friendship and Patronage in 2011. While we offer the finest products in the industry because we want to, without you, there would be no Creative Stage Lighting. All of us continue to find ways to earn your trust and we enjoy developing new methods to better care for you. If we ever fall short in meeting your needs please let us know.

2011 was a busy year as we progressed toward recovering the sales levels attained in 2008. We implemented our Strategic Plan in January. Our intention is to narrow our focus and product offerings in an effort to improve our overall product knowledge and fulfillment efficiencies.

Thank you for visiting with us at LDI 2011. It was a very exciting show. Having AVOLITES, Coemar and Kinesys on our booth for the very first time in addition to our other exclusively distributed product lines kept us all extremely busy. Since then, we have followed up on the inquires and we have been visiting with you, our Dealers, nonstop at Private Demonstrations, Public Open Houses and accompanying you on sales calls. This flurry of activity will continue right up until December 23, the last day we will be open before we break for the Holidays.

Right now we have our Sales Engineer and Factory Service Staff attending training seminars overseas. As we move into 2012, we find ourselves using more refined sales and demonstration processes which will help you as well to be more effective and efficient in presenting our product lines. 2012 will be the second year of our Strategic Plan and our Executive Management team is currently reviewing how well we executed in 2011 and setting up the next layer of tactics in need of deployment.

Our manufacturing turn around times improved in 2011 and will continue to improve in 2012. We are also well into the diligence phase of determining what our new, larger home in 2012 will include. Recently, our site plan was approved by the Town and next will come the approval of the Adirondack Park Agency. Since winter is nearly here, we will likely delay breaking ground until the spring. 2011 was also a tremendous growth year in both leased assets available through our Rental and Production division and new Product lines. Avolites honored us with their Best New Distributor Award at PLASA. We also received final approval from UL on our first production run of Dura-Power Racks.

We truly realize you are the driving force behind our efforts and growth and we All Thank You! May You and Your Families Enjoy the Love and Comfort of each others company this Holiday and Have a Very Healthy and Rewarding 2012.

All the Best,