Creative Stage Lighting Announces Entertainment Industry Tape Improvements

By July 12, 2011 Press Release

Eit pile

**North Creek, NY – July 12, 2011** – Creative Stage Lighting today announced improvements to their brand of tape: Entertainment Industry Tape.

Entertainment Industry Tape gaffer tape now has improved adhesion that holds tough and removes clean. EIT gaffer tape now tears more easily by hand and matte finish reduces light reflection.

EIT Gaffer Tape is available in over ten colors, including fluorescents. More information about EIT, including EIT spike tape, console tape, and more is available online at [http://entertainmentindustrytape.com](http://www.entertainmentindustrytape.com).

Due To Covid-19, Creative Stage Lighting is operating on a reduced schedule. Until further notice, our offices are currently open on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Thank you for your understanding.