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Multicable and the Environment

By April 22, 2011February 19th, 2021standard

Health, safety, and the protection of the environment have always been critically important to us here at Creative Stage Lighting. It is our attachment to these principles even after 33 years that has provided us the roadmap to all we do.

When we initially designed the Dura-Flex line of multicables back in 1998 we knew we wanted to produce a cable that was flexible, durable, and had the most safety approvals of any cable in the entertainment industry. We identified multiple materials that not only exceeded the UL requirement but had very robust UL, oil, and alkaline-resistance properties.

We quickly realized we did not want to use talc as the slipping agent and went with paper-tape instead. This keeps technicians who handle Dura-Flex multicable from being exposed to talc. This is key as we believe talc can be an irritant to the eyes, sinus, and respiratory systems for some individuals.

We are proud to be one of the first, if not the first, manufacturer in our industry to produce an RoHS compliant product back in the fall of 2004. Today, Dura-Flex is also REACH compliant.

Creative’s effort and union has been to provide you with what we believe to be the best choice. It remains to be our pleasure to serve you as your innovative and trusted supplier.