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Dodging Doom In The Live Event Industry

By February 25, 2011February 19th, 2021webinar

ORIGINAL BROADCAST: February 10, 2011

Today’s Entertainment Lighting marketplace is more competitive than ever before. Whether you’re just starting out or so busy you’re trying to keep up it helps to learn valuable skills to survive this fast-paced, ever-changing industry and grow your career.

In this CSL webinar we sit down with Richard Cadena (AKA Swami Candela) to discuss how to get the most out of our careers in the entertainment lighting trenches and what it takes to stand apart from the crowd.

About the presenter:

Richard Cadena is an author, freelance lighting designer, and the editor of Projection, Lights and Staging News. His latest book is Electricity for the Entertainment Electrician and Technician.

He is an ETCP Recognized Trainer, an ETCP Certified Entertainment Electrician, and a member of the Technical Standards Committee of the Entertainment Services Technology Association.