PR: Dura-Flex is REACH compliant

By January 28, 2011 March 14th, 2016 Press Release


Creative Stage Lighting announces Dura-Flex meets REACH environmental and safety standards.

REACH, the European environmental safety standard, restricts harmful and hazardous materials including polychlorinatedterphenyls, polybromobiphenyls, Polybrominatedbiphenyls, and more.

“REACH compliance is another feature that allows Dura-Flex to continue leading the market,” said Creative Stage Lighting President George B. Studnicky III.

Creative Stage Lighting also notes Dura-Flex’s high performance standards, including results in crush tests. Dura-Flex cables can resist up to 1000/2000 lbFs.

Dura-Flex is available as multi-cable, Cat5E, DMX, Power Distribution cables, and other cables and assemblies. For more information please visit the Dura-Flex website at [http://dura-flex.com](http://www.dura-flex.com).