intellaspot XT-1 has landed

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Look what we got!


Some of us think it looks a little like this guy from Robocop:


But maybe that’s just us.

FYI – High End / Barco posted a video about the Intellaspot XT-1 that you should check out if you’re interested.

From HES/Barco:

> ##intellaspot XT-1
> 20,000 lumens with an 850W lamp

> **Impressive light output at reduced lamp power**
> With a lower wattage than the competition, the intellaspot XT-1 remains the brightest hard edge fixture in its class.

> **Large zoom range and large exiting aperture**
> The intellaspot XT-1 features an exceptionally large zoom range, and a particularly large exiting aperture.

> **Most professional fixture in its price range**
> Barco’s intellaspot XT-1 is the most feature-rich, professional hard edge fixture in its price range.

> **High energy efficiency**
> The intellaspot XT-1 operates from 100-240V, with an extremely high output.

Jimonlight.com [took a look at the intellaspot XT-1 back in June](http://www.jimonlight.com/2010/06/21/high-end-systems-shows-jimonlight-com-the-intellaspot-xt-1/), so if you’re interested you should read his impressions.

EDIT: More shots on our brand new Flickr page.

intellaspot XT-1 on Flickr