On The Road: Erykah Badu

By June 15, 2010 ontheroad

We’ve got gear and crew out with Erykah Badu right now.


**Photo**: Kathryn Yu. Used with permission. From the Roseland Ballroom in New York City. Check out more photos from this show on Kathryn’s Flickr Set and more at her website: [kathrynyu.com](http://kathrynyu.com/)

**Lighting Design**: Martin Thomas
**CSL Technicians**: Dylan Haines, Scott Siwek
**Lighting Crew Chief**: Richard Jackson

###Selected gear

**Dimming / Power Distribution**

– (1) Entertainment Power Systems ML Distro, 36 Circuit, 6 Paired Soco 208v
– (1) Entertainment Power Systems ML Distro, 24Ckt 208v, 6Ckt 120v, Aux L6-20
– (1) SVX-2 36X3K Dimmer Rack

**Consoles and Control**

– (1) MA Lighting Grand MA 2 Light
– (1) MA Lighting Grand MA 2 Ultra-Light

**Rigging, Motors, Truss**

– (12) James Thomas PR Truss, Black, 91″
– (5) James Thomas Moving Light Truss, Silver, 91″
– (6) Columbus McKinnon Motor, 1/2 Ton, 7-pin Socapex
– (3) Columbus McKinnon Motor, 1 Ton, 7-pin Socapex
– (1) Skjonberg CS-800 Hoist Control

**Conventional Lighting Fixtures**

– (13) ETC Source 4 750w Head
– (13) ETC Source 4 Lens Tube

**LED Fixtures**

– (4) Color Kinetics ColorBlaze 72

**Automated Lighting**

– (4) Coemar Infinity Wash XL
– (12) Martin Mac 2000 XB Wash
– (4) High End Systems StudioPix High End
– (8) High End Systems ShowPix
– (8) JB Lighting VaryScan 7


– (4) Clear-Com Belt Pack, RS-601
– (5) Clear-Com Double Muff Headset, CC-260 + DT109
– (1) Clear-Com A/B Base Station, CS-222


– (2) Reel EFX DF-50 Hazer


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