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The Future of the Live Event and Performing Arts Production Industry

By September 30, 2008February 19th, 2021webinar

The entertainment production industry is facing unprecedented change. The influence of several factors, including a heightened awareness of the environment, population growth, rapidly improving technologies, and rampant inflation, will drastically change the landscape of the industry.

Whether you are a working or aspiring lighting professional, an employer in the industry, or a customer utilizing the technology, it pays to be informed of the latest changes, understand their root causes, and know how to best deal with them so you can grow your career.

Date: 9/18/08 as part of the Creative Stage Lighting Webinar Series. Audio is also available on our podcast feed

About The Presenter: Richard Cadena

Richard Cadena is a 22-year veteran of the lighting industry, author, ETCP Recognized Trainer, a member of ESTAs Technical Standards Committee, and the editor of PLSN magazine. His books include:

  • Automated Lighting: The Art and Science of Moving Light
  • Focus on Lighting Technology
  • Lighting Design for Modern Houses of Worship

His forthcoming book Electricity for the Entertainment Electrician and Technician, is to be published in early 2009.