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HOG 4 Lighting Control

I was impressed with the amount of information presented and how the instructor presented in an easily understandable way. The class was very informative and I walked away with a lot of useful information.

Kyle Amlaw

These High End Systems HOG 4 control courses are designed to get the novice moving light programmer up to speed with the HOG 4 control series. Learn how to take advantage of the powerful HOG 4 console in a professional classroom setting with a qualified instructor.

Learn how to make the most of High End Systems’s HOG 4 platform with this hands-on course. This two-day training session covers the powerful Hog 4 control software used on HOG 4 control consoles. Topics to be covered include, but are not limited to:

  • Console layout
  • Launching and managing shows
  • Patching and editing fixtures
  • Groups
  • Palettes and directories
  • Selecting and modifying fixture attributes
  • Scenes, Cues and Cue lists
  • Effects
  • Timing
  • Playback

Course Price: $499.99 includes a HOG 4 USB widget!