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12-3_SJ_SOWith Dura-Flex portable power cords, shake the weight of heavier cables! These cables feature a seoprene jacket, making them easier to strip than conventional cable jackets and make them about 18% lighter than SOOW cables. Featuring a wide temperature range of –50ºc to 105ºc, Dura-Flex portable power cords can take on the harshest environmental conditions. They are also non-marking, leaving your site as clean as when you started. The seoprene jacket is less porous than traditional cables to make them less absorbent and cleaner.

Dura-Flex Seoprene 12/3 SJEOOW and 12/3 SEOOOW cables also feature:

  • Non-wicking polyprene fillers
  • Superior abrasion resistance and chemical resistance
  • Non-marking
  • Higher dielectric strength
  • Higher tensile strength

Specification Sheets

  • 12/3 SJEOOW
  • 12/3 SEOOW