Creative Stage Lighting Now Major Hog Controls Reseller

By July 15, 2013 Press Release


**North Creek, NY – July 15, 2013** – Creative Stage Lighting has entered into an agreement with High End Systems to be the Major Hog Controls Reseller in the United States. The entire range of Hog4 consoles is now available to Creative Stage Lighting dealers and rental clients from its North Creek, NY location.

The Hog4 lineup launched at LDI 2012 and includes Hog4, Full Boar 4, Road Hog4, Nano Hog4, and Hog4PC, creating a broad range of control products suitable for any size show. All of the consoles feature wide screen displays, solid state hard drives, all new user keys, a unified Hog4OS, and extremely fast boot and show load times. Over 1000 Hog4 units have been sold to date.

“We are thrilled to have CSL step up as a major Hog Controls Reseller and seeding partner for the new Hog 4 line of products,” stated Bill Morris, CEO of High End Systems. “There are two keys to successful market adoption of a new product. One is to deliver a product that the industry wants. But the 2nd and equally important is getting products in the hands of users and specifiers.  Having a partner like CSL who understands the products so well and proactively partners in driving market adoption through aggressive seeding and marketing programs makes this part of the equation much easier – and more fun. We look forward to helping CSL drive market adoption of this exciting new family of consoles.”

“The Hog4 Series is the end result of a very attentive and industrious High End Systems,” said CSL President George B. Studnicky III. “While Creative Stage Lighting has a very Gratifying and a decades old relationship with HES, we are overjoyed to be taking on the responsibilities of Major Hog Controls Reseller. Our readily available Sales and Rental inventories of Hog4 is something we are extremely committed to sustaining and growing.”