SoundProLight profiles JB Lighting

By April 11, 2013 Link

SoundProLight takes a look at our friends at JB Lighting.


> **Let’s talk about technology. Where do the ideas for new solutions come from?**

> Ideas for new products are either conceived based on new available technologies (like high-power LEDs for instance) or by our clients who talk with us about their demands. Our main mission is to create lighting tools that are suitable for professional applications. That involves good light output, high quality components and reliable performance. Before we start creating a new product we test the latest technology available. That process can often take 12 months or more before we even start with the product itself. Designing and testing the new product normally takes another 18 – 24 months before it is ready to be launched.

Creative Stage Lighting is the USA distributor of JB Lighting. For more information check out our products page.

– [JB Lighting, “Made In Germany” – Company Profile](http://www.soundprolight.com/company-profile/JB-Lighting.html)