Compulite Vector – An Introduction

By May 16, 2011 Link

Compulite Vector Violet

Compulite Vector trainer Joe Bleasdale writes an introductory piece on the Vector series for On Stage Lighting.

> By now your probably thinking, nothing special… other desks can do similar things. You would be correct, but Vector has more powerful features up its sleeve. Built in bitmap capability, Desktop, Media Server integration (Hippo V3, Catalyst V4, Arkaos), Contextual Displays, Attach Files to Objects, Parameter Pickers, Macros, Softkey Colour Coding, and an Effects Engine ™ a Programmer would die for…

Check out our Compulite product page or Compulite.com for more information on Vector consoles.

– [Compulite Vector – An Introduction](http://feedproxy.google.com/~r/OnStageLighting/~3/zGIK242LQVM/)

Photo by Flickr user FixdCC