New Vector Sofware – V3.18R01

By September 23, 2010 Link

Compulite has released V3.18R01 of their Vector console.

> Here are some of the New features in the 3.18.R01 Release:

> – New and improved look and feel to the system views and Buttons with the functionality to design and set up your Soft keys color, pattern and size
> – Main Master Qlist Mode enables locking the A/B as your main master PB with its Qlist as main Qlist
> – Define your Default Update option via the Update dialog & via the system settings
> – Decimal Input which enables assigning values in Decimal format via the SHIFT+ @ key (for the New key cap, contact your local distributor)
> – Support for ACN protocol DMX output via Ethernet
> – Intensity Limit to control the level of a PB when its Fader is not set as Intensity Fader or for a QK
> – PB Control keys operation with the –> key to perform PB operation on all PB’s other then the Master PB
> – Enable 200% for the Grand Master
> – New dimmer operations of Single Dimmer Exam, Port swap and single dimmer display info on the command line and more
> – Vector PC Panel skins and other improvements

This, some bug fixes, and a bunch more. Full release notes on Compulite’s website.

Vector V3.18R01 Release Notes
Compulite’s Download page