Richard Cadena Reviews Compulite’s Vector Violet

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Vector Ultra Violet

In the August 2010 issue of Projection, Lights and Staging News Richard Cadena takes a look at Compulite’s Vector Violet consoles.

>It used to be that lighting programmers and operators clamored for bigger consoles at FOH, partly as an ego booster and partly because having to use several layers of function keys can be a pain. But given the speed and power of today’s processors, there is no reason to have to choose between power and size or between size and accessibility. The Vector consoles allow you to set up the console the way you like it so you don’t have to be digging through multiple layers of functions to execute a command. It’s a powerful line of consoles that are easy to learn and the two Violets harness the power in a small package.

One of the things we like most about the whole Vector series is the Desktop feature. This allows you to create icons on the desktop view and assign them to presets, say for a lighting cue or addressing a group of fixtures. With just a click you can change the cue. This is incredibly handy if volunteers will be running the board, say in a church or theater, or if you just want to save yourself a lot of time.

For more information about Compulite’s Vector Violet Consoles, download the PDF Spec sheet.

Compulite Vector Violet (PDF Cut Sheet)

You can read the full review online on PLSN.com

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