Link: Compulite Vectors run Nabucco in Masada

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From our friends at Compulite:

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>Imagineā€¦ 6500 people watching a giant stage virtually in the middle of the desert in an ancient land at the foothills of a lofty and historical mountain made with a total of 600 performers, surrounded by 40 tons of lighting equipment and double the regular amount of music players, singers and choir members typically cast to an Opera show.

>If this is not enough, the dramatic mountain of Masada which is the show’s background is the ‘playground’ of the LD Avi Yona Bueno (a.k.a “Bambi”) that creates stunning scenes of light highlighting the beauty and majesty of this unique and historical location.

>For 5 nights the gigantic production by the Israeli Opera played Nabucco with the conductor Daniel Oren for a crowd of over 30 thousand people. The musical event celebrating 25 years of the Opera, on the shores of the Dead Sea, (400 meters below sea level the lowest place on earth..) in the middle of the desert, challenged by scorching heat, winds and dust during the day, with a pleasant cool weather at night, the Israeli Opera built, near the famous Masada mountain, an outdoor theater with a large 60 meter stage flanked by enormous set of lighting.

Total Production International correspondent Louise Strickland also produced a photo documentary of this. Check it out on Youtube.

And while you’re on Youtube you may as well check out this dress rehearsal clip.

More photos are available in this Flickr set.

– [Compulite Vectors run Nabucco in Masada](http://www.compulite.com/index.php?page_id=416)