June 2010 Rental Specials

By June 8, 2010 Uncategorized

We’ve just updated our rental specials page for June.

Here are some of the things our rentals department has on special.

– Varilite VLX
– High End Systems SHOWGUN
– JB Lighting JBLED A4
– Martin Maxxyz Compact

Full list on [our rentals site](https://www.creativestagelighting.com/rentalsandproduction/rentalspecials.html) where you can also sign up to get our monthly rental specials delivered to your email.

– [Popular Gear List](https://www.creativestagelighting.com/rentalsandproduction/populargear.html)
– [Testimonials](https://www.creativestagelighting.com/rentalsandproduction/testimonials.html)
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