Compulite Vector at Expo 2010

By June 4, 2010 Uncategorized


Compulite has posted a story about Vectors at Expo 2010, the international exposition in Shanghai.

King Chou, a Vector user:

>Vector with its 16 DMX output, fast cue modification/delete functions and unmatched performance was perfect to create these many different changing scenes perfectly expressing the city themes.


>The study hall in the “City Being” pavilion shows a bookshelf circled by numerous small lights “turned on layer by layer by the Vector Red signifying the long road of study” said King Chou. He added: “I like Vector. Not only because its control ability, ergonomic design, but also due to its multimedia functions and powerful DMX output. It is easy to operate, and the system is very stable”

Check out the full story and more photos on Compulite’s website.