USITT 2010: Day 2

By April 2, 2010 tradeshow

USITTdesk _500px.JPG

When we signed up for the USITT New Product Showcase I did not know what we were getting into.

Nevittviolet _500px.JPG

*Above: Bringing a Compulite Vector Ultra Violet to the USITT New Product Showcase*

This is our second year exhibiting at USITT, but my (Dan’s) first time attending a New Product Showcase.

The New Product Showcase is half new product demonstration and half SWAG give away. So we came prepared.

swagpreparation _500px.JPG

*Preparing to give away SWAG*

I expected an audience, but not **THIS MANY PEOPLE**:

frombackstage _500px.JPG

But it was all good fun. We practiced our frisbee technique backstage and the crowd went nuts for them.

frisbeetechnique _500px.JPG

a4demo _500px.JPG

*Showing the JBLED A4 at the USITT 2010 New Product Showcase*

There’s one more day left to come by booth 915 and check out JB Lighting’s JBLED moving heads, Compulite Vector and Dlite Consoles, and Wireless Solution’s W-DMX.