On the Road: April 2010

By April 15, 2010 March 11th, 2016 ontheroad

Here’s what we’ve been up to in CSL Rentals and Productions lately.

###Celtic Woman – Songs From The Heart


**Lighting Design**: Tom Kenny. **Lighting Director**: Jim Mustapha. **CSL Technicians**: Paul Mundrick, Josh Gezzi
**Photo**: Lili Forberg. Used under license from CWL.

Select gear includes:

– [EPS](http://www.entertainmentpowersystems) Moving Light Distros
– (2) MA GrandMA Full size console
– (2) Radiance Hazers
– (1) JEM Glaciator X-stream
– (1) Lycian M2 Followspot
– (60) ColorBlast 12 TRs
– (12) City Theatrical PDS375
– (10) Coemar Infinity ACL S
– (16) Martin Mac 700 Wash EB
– (20) Martin Mac 700 Profile
– (32) JB Lighting JBLED A7
– (3) 20’x30′ Fiber Optic Panels with Color Pros.
– James Thomas Truss

[Celtic Woman – US Tour Dates](http://www.celticwoman.com/trellis/US-New-map)

###Stars On Ice – 2010 (USA and Canada)


**USA**: Crew Chief – Dylan Haines. Lighting Technician – Brian Bukovinsky
**Canada**: Crew Chief – Corey Tom. Lighting Technician – Scott Siwek
**Photo**: Paul Harvath

Select gear includes:

– [EPS](http://www.entertainmentpowersystems) Moving Light Distros
– High End Systems Road Hog Full Boar and Playback Wing
– James Thomas Truss
– Tomcat SwingWing Truss
– (6) PixelRange Pixel Arc Micro W with Amber
– (18) Vari-lite VL3000 Spot
– (16) Coemar Infinity Wash XL
– (12) JB Lighting JBLED A7
– Clear Com communication system (belt packs, base station, RS-601, CC-260 headsets)
– (2) Reel EFX DF-50 Hazer

[Stars on Ice | Tour](http://www.starsonice.com/figure-skating/?content=tour)


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