Link: Church Production Reviews Compulite’s Dlite 48

By January 19, 2010 Link


Michael Eddy reviews Compulite’s Dlite 48 console for Church Production Monthly:

>The construction materials and the overall feel of the console gives me confidence that it should hold up well in normal use. The faders and buttons are solid. The console is laid out in a thoughtful manner and mixes manual control along with the ability for fully programmed playbacks. This accommodates a wide variety of operators with different skill levels. The console is a very good fit if you have around 48 conventionals and 12 – 24 moving lights.

Compulite’s consoles, including Dlites and Vectors, are available from Creative Stage Lighting’s Dealer Network. Call us at (518) 251-3302 for your nearest dealer, or you can get in touch with us on our contact page.

– [Lighting Review: Compulite Dlite 48 Lighting Control Console](http://www.churchproduction.com/go.php/article/10339)