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Sapphire Touch


Ultrafast programming with two wide screen touch monitors offering a huge workspace area. Ultimate live control from 45 motorized master faders offers silk smooth operation or automated playback.

Unique Avo ‘sketchfast legends’ are fast to draw digitally and easy to locate during showtime.

Tricolour optical trackball indicates fixture colour or functionality with unique ‘Saturn Ring’ control, giving X,Y,Z axis control simultaneously.

Touch the Future – Sapphire Touch. Coming in 2011.


Pearl 2010


The Pearl 2010 is a cosmetically updated Pearl 2008 with the addition of USB memory, giving storage for the complete set of personality files as well as multiple show files.

The Pearl 2010 combines compact dimensions with plenty of power, offering full moving light control for up to 240 intelligent fixtures. As with all Avolites consoles, the Pearl is designed for quick and easy programming and playback. The patching of moving lights and colour changers is also as simple as patching a dimmer.Preset Focus Palettes provide fast building blocks for functions such as pan, tilt, colour, gobo, etc.

All memories and chases built from preset focuses are automatically updated once the preset focus is edited. Preset Focuses allow you to create and save your own custom palette of colours.Channels can be allocated as HTP or LTP for control of dimmers, colour changers or multi-channel fixtures, all of which can be patched with one button press.

The Pearl 2010 retains the intuitive and familiar feel of the "roller", use of high quality Faders, Shadow switches and legendary reliability of Avolites consoles.

Pearl Tiger


The Pearl Tiger is a powerful, streamlined 10 roller playback version of Avo’s famous and most popular ’live’ lighting console.

It offers everything the LD, programmer or operator needs for quick and easy programming of small to medium sized shows …. with all the power, ease of use and versatility of a full sized Pearl.

The Pearl Tiger is equally suited for small theatres, conferences, schools & colleges, small to medium scale productions or production companies, tours, venues and nightclubs.

Titan Mobile


TITAN Mobile – the awesome power of Titan in it’s most concentrated form!

Avolites TITAN Mobile binds the awesome power of TITAN software with a compact and lightweight unit that connects to your laptop to produce a fully featured moving light control system.

As our industry ‘greens up’ and wises up, many shows have become ‘festival tours’ where the only things to be freighted around are the band, designers and flexible control systems.

The control surface of TITAN Mobile coupled with Avolites touring experience enables designers to ‘keep it live’ while preserving their shows visual integrity.

Live Playbacks, Solo and Flash buttons, user programmable buttons and Attribute controllers enable fast and accurate show programming in a flight friendly package. Avolites TITAN Mobile – catering to the needs of our ever changing industry.

Pearl Titan

Pearl Expert


The Pearl Expert is high performance. Built upon the user friendliness of the industry’s most popular console. More submasters, more flash buttons, MORE POWER to control the larger more challenging shows.

The Pearl Expert, the product of Avolites expertise facilitates spontaneity putting live control and creativity firmly into the hands of the lighting designer. High speed button reponse, dual rollers and instant access to the vast array of timed palettes, breathes life into lights.

Expert Touch Wing


Engage in fast intuitive programming.

Explore the wide screen touch interface with limitless scrollable windows.

Exciting, integrated video control with thumbnail view selection.

Embrace the ability to create your personalised interface.

Tiger Touch


The new Avolites Tiger Touch represents The Definitive Hybrid console. A hybrid of powerful Diamond 4 functionality coupled with the friendly Pearl interface!

A hybrid of fast, accessible, ‘hands on’ control working in conjunction with the intuitive touch screen.

This responsive, wide screen, touch interface provides a constantly evolving software skin which envelopes the high performance hardware platform.

Avolites Tiger Touch, the seamless link between functionality and form.

Titan One


Available Soon


Diamond Vision


The streamlined, stylish and aesthetically pleasing profile of the D4 Vision reveals a lighting console that’s intuitive to operate, offers minimum operator fatigue and the ability to create the fastest, most cost-efficient, stunning shows.

This Diamond 4 Vision is designed for large-scale shows, festivals, concerts, events and multi-purpose venues. It addresses the needs of lighting designers needing fast, accurate and immediate control of numerous intelligent lights, conventional fixtures and other DMX devices.

Diamond 4 Elite


The console is streamlined to offer the maximum power and functionality in the minimum physical space, recognizing the ever-growing need in all applications to use FOH and control spaces expediently.

The D4 Elite offers all the features of the full sized Diamond 4, in a smaller chassis with 14 submasters and 96 assigned playbacks, with direct access to 96 fixtures via Legend Cells (re-assignable preset playbacks).