Lighting Design 101: The Art of Illumination

Thursday, February 19 2009, 3:30pm EST

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This webinar is a crash course on lighting a live music show, from conception to realization. It’s intended for a broad range of lighting professionals and aspiring professionals and it will provide a foundation for building a show from the ground up. Topics include:

  • Lighting instruments, positions, and purpose
  • Plotting, modeling, rendering, and visualization
  • Color combining and scene building
  • Programming and playback

Please join Richard Cadena for this interesting and informative session that builds on all the basic of lighting design and gets you up to speed on some of the latest and greatest technologies in entertainment lighting.

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About The Presenter

Richard Cadena is a 22-year veteran of the lighting industry, author, ETCP Recognized Trainer, a member of ESTA’s Technical Standards Committee, and the editor of PLSN magazine. His books include:

His books are available at the PLSN Bookshelf,, and other retailers.