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Creative Stage Lighting: Open House

Various dates and locations

With the help of CSL dealers and vendor partners, Creative Stage Lighting is happy to announce the CSL Open House: Fall/Winter 2009-2010.

Hosted by CSL Dealer Members across the United States, these open houses are a great opportunity to learn about new entertainment lighting products and technology available through the CSL Dealer Network, including moving lights, lighting consoles, Wireless DMX, LEDs and more.

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Past Events

Webinar: Making Informed Lighting Choices For Your Venue

Thursday, August 27, 3:30pm - 5pm EST

Choosing what should go into your venue comes down to defining what you want to accomplish, what your venue requires, and what your budget allows. During this webinar we take a look at a few things to keep in mind when deciding what to put into your venue.

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Choosing Consoles and Moving Lights

Thursday, May 28, 3:30 PM EST

Topics include:

  • What does your production require?
  • Planning for future growth
  • Networking your venue or production
  • Green or not green? (LEDs vs. Conventional lighting)

Please join us for our latest webinar, presented by Michael Nevitt of Creative Stage Lighting and moderated by Kevin Loretto of Creative Stage Lighting.

Lighting Design 101: Part II

This is a follow up to the February CSL Webinar, Lighting Design 101: The Art of Illumination.

Guest Speakers Richard Cadena and Jeff Ravitz will be discussing the various elements of Lighting Design and how each would approach a similar project. Richard and Jeff will discuss the project from conception to realization.

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Lighting Design 101: The Art of Illumination - Online Event

Thursday, February 19, 3:30 PM EST

In this webinar we'll take a crash course in lighting design from conception to realization. It’s intended for a broad range of lighting professionals and aspiring professionals and it will provide a foundation for building a show from the ground up.

This session is hosted by Richard Cadena of Projection, Lights and Staging News.nd

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LED 101: Shaping The Future of Entertainment and Architainment Lighting

Some of the topics to be discussed include:

  • LED Basics
  • Exposure to the advancements in LED technology
  • How to judge the real performance of an LED system
  • Application examples in Entertainment and Architainment
  • How Legislation and Standards will affect the application of LEDs

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Converging Technologies: Digital Lighting, Video, and LED

Thursday October 30, 3:30PM EST

The growing convergence of lighting and video technologies and the rapid growth of LEDs in Entertainment Lighting makes Barco’s Media and Entertainment Division uniquely positioned to talk about the coming together of the digital video and moving lighting space.

In this webinar, Craig Burross of Barco - High End System, and John Calcagno of Barco, Inc. will overview the company’s convergence and integration strategies, as well as product insights, and discuss technical applications.

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