‘Twas The Night of the Load Out

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‘Twas the night of the load out and all through backstage
Not a creature stood still, the crew all engaged
A late night was later, a delayed load-out
One guy was so mad he got a case of the gout!

The cases were lined up and ready for gear
To take down from truss and placed in, no fear
“Unhook the safeties, unmount the clamps
Deal with that pile, shake off your cramps”

As the movers were held, surrounded with foam
Rolled away in a Northern Case, on their way home
“Load these in Santa’s truck” the crew chief yelled out
“You know the drill…first in, last out.”

“Now on crew members, on techs, and you – video guy
Don’t pretend you don’t hear me, don’t even try
The sooner we’re done, the sooner we’ll leave
And back to our loved ones on this Christmas Eve”

The gear was all loaded, the truss taken down
Ready for the next gig over in the next town
The crew chief looked out on this truck of lights
and said “Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!”

39 Years of Being Creative

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On May 2, 2016, Creative Stage Lighting celebrated its 39th birthday. Like any birthday, we took a moment to reflect on our time in business and the journey from our beginnings to the company we are today.

Next year we’ll be 40, which will be a huge milestone for CSL. It wouldn’t be possible without all of you: our loyal customers and clients for nearly four decades. Thank you.

January 2013 Online Training Events

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Announcing the latest in our online training series. Learn the basics of some of our most in-demand products from the comfort of your desk by registering for the free sessions below.

For more about CSL training events, check out our Training page.

An Introduction to Avolites TITAN and TITAN One

This Webinar will cover the interface and features of the Avolites TITAN OS, programming tips and tricks to help you get the job done faster and easier, and an overview of the new TITAN One hardware and software.

An Introduction to the Next Generation of Media Servers: Avolites Media

Join CSL Sales Engineer Phil Heid for an overview of Ai, the line of media servers from Avolites Media. Phil will take you through Ai software, Ai capabilities, and an overview of Avolites Media’s server hardware.

Kinesys LibraCELL Load Cells: System Overview and Set Up

Join us for a look of Kinesys LibraCELL systems, including overview, set up, and a look at Kinesys’s LibraVIEW software.

Waynestock V

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Last weekend in North Creek we celebrated Waynestock V, a music-festival and fundraiser put out by the [North Country Hardship Fund](

Creative donated gear and lights for the use of this event. We put some photos online on Flickr and our Facebook page. Check ’em out.

Waynestock V on Flickr
Waynestock V on Facebook

Learn more about The North Country Hardship Fund at .

Happy Holidays and End Of Year Hours

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From all of us at Creative Stage Lighting we wish you the very best this holiday.

We’ll be closed the last week of 2010, starting on December 23rd at 5pm. We’ll re-opoen on January 3, 2011.

If you have an emergency during this time please call us at (518) 251-3302. We’ll list instructions for CSL Dealers, CSL Rental clients, and CSL Industrial clients if there’s an urgent need.

Also consider that December 23rd is the last day until January 3 that we’ll be processing orders. Any orders placed on during the time our offices are closed will not be processed until the new year.

Above all enjoy yourselves, be safe and merry.

Open House at the University of Texas at El Paso

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With the help of the UTEP Department of Theatre and Dance, Richard Cadena, and Rosco, Creative Stage Lighting will host an open house at the University of Texas at El Paso on November 18th.

There will be three main topics.


### 1. Workshop Presentation: Theatre Programming – Lighting To Video (presented by Michael Nevitt of Creative Stage Lighting)

Explore programming techniques for theatre designers from conventional fixtures to LED, video and more. Learn through lecture and hands-on demonstration using the Compulite Vector console. Topics to be covered include:

– Choosing a console
– How to setup a console for theatrical applications
– Techniques for programming various types of devices (dimmers, automated lights, media servers, LED, video projection and special effects)

### 2. Scenic Painting (presented by Damon Hatten of Rosco Laboratories)

**Intro (10am)** – In this session see professional examples of scenic painting. All attendees will touch samples that will reinforce reviewed material. And like always, SWAG will be given!

**Hands-on (2pm)** – All attendees will get their hands dirty! Brushes will be given! Free Paint samples will be handed out and everyone will see the applications for the variety of texture paints. Come and see how you can use the latest and greatest in your next production.

### 3. Keys to Success in the Live Event Production Industry (presented by Richard Cadena of Projections, Lights and Staging News)

The rapidly changing landscape in the live event production industry is both a threat and an opportunity for those who are interested in making it a career. Learn to recognize both and how to take advantage of new opportunities emerging in this fascinating field. Follow author, freelance lighting designer, lighting consultant, and PLSN editor Richard Cadena through an informative, amusing, and insightful survey of the direction of the production industry.


Interested? We’d love to see you there. As always, open houses are free to attend, we just ask that you let us know you’re planning to come.

More details / registration

iControl for Compulite Vector and Dlite Now Available for iOS

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> Compulite’s iControl App for the Apple iPhone, iPod and iPad, is a powerful application to remotely control and edit basic functions of all Vector and Dlite lighting consoles.

> The App provides real-time information of the Console through a friendly user interface. By using the iControl App, you are able to control moving lights, conventional lights, create and store cues and libraries, add groups, control highlight and lowlight and more.


iControl is a free download from Apple’s App Store. More info on Compulite’s website.

Compulite – iControl App
– [iControl on the App store](

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