CSL at the Long Lake Central School Career Fair

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CSL at the Long Lake Central School Career Fair

We were so happy to be included in the Long Lake Central School career fair! Creative Stage Lighting and other companies from the Adirondacks were asked to come speak with students. We discussed what Creative Stage Lighting is all about, the kinds of skills we look for when hiring, and what the entertainment lighting industry is like!


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High End Systems is putting on “The Hog Factor” – a National Collegiate Lighting Show Programming Competition.

The top teams in the country will be brought to LDI 2015 in Las Vegas where they will compete to win school prizes such as a Hog 4 console (worth $44,000), a $20,000 Scholarship and a personal Internship at High End Systems with the chance for full-time following a successful trial period!

Phase 1 is in progress now and will close on July 31st. Submit a virtualized light show programmed to one of the following songs to compete.

  • Uprising- Muse
  • Bring Me To Life – Evanescence
  • Uptown Funk – Mark Ronson / Bruno Mars

The final competition will be held at LDI 2015!

Learn more at

VMB Announces TE-046

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Our friends at VMB recently announced their new TE-046 telescopic lift.

TE 046 image

The TE-046 is based on the VMB’s TE-034, maintaining its compact features whilst being able to lift a total of 150kg (330lb) to a height of 4.6m (15′). TE-046 is made from 3 steel aluminum profiles, has an adjustable 3 position folding base, and comes with a handle for easy transport. It also includes the companies ALS (Auto Lock Security) system a safety feature which automatically locks the lift masts as they rise. The TE-046 is the ideal tool for any small to medium sized rental company looking to rig sound, light and/or Trussing quickly and safely.

Want to learn more? Call us at (518) 251-3302 or check out our VMB page and check out VMB’s entire range of lifts and find the right one for you.

Announcing Dura-Flex 12/3 SEOOW and SJEOOW Portable Power Cords

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Today we’re happy to announce Dura-Flex 12/3 SEOOW and SJEOOW portable power cords!


The new cable varieties are more flexible and weigh about 18% less than conventional Neoprene entertainment industry cable, making them even easier to handle and less expensive to ship. The UL listed cables meet RoHS requirements, feature a wider temperature range of –50ºc to 105ºc, and can take on the harshest environmental conditions.

Dura-Flex 12/3 SEOOW and 12/3 SJEOOW cables also feature:

  • Non-wicking polyprene fillers
  • Superior abrasion resistance and chemical resistance
  • A non-marking jacket
  • Higher dielectric strength compared to conventional cables
  • Higher tensile strength compared to conventional cables

For more information, including specification sheets, please see our portable power cords page at

12/3 SEOOW and SJEEOW photos

12 3 SJ SO

Dura-Flex 12/3 SJEOOW and SEOOW

12 3 SEOOW Back

Dura-Flex 12/3 SEOOW

12 3 SEOOW Splayed

Dura-Flex 12/3 SEOOW Splayed


Dura-Flex 12/3 SJEOOW

12 3 SJEOOW Splayed
Dura-Flex 12/3 SJEOOW Splayed

Liberate Your Gear with CSL Service and Repairs!

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Liberate your gear with CSL Service and Repairs!

We’ve been servicing our own equipment for years and years, but today we thought “hey, why not offer this to everybody?”

That’s what CSL Service and Repairs is all about!

Give us your tired, your broken, your decommissioned assets yearning to shine brightly again! Send these, the outdated, your attention starved fixtures and consoles to us, and we will make them work like new again!

Put Creative Stage Lighting’s expertise to work on your stage lighting equipment! The trained technicians here at Creative Stage Lighting will give a new life of freedom to your production and rental inventories.

Get a jump start on 2015 – let us prepare your gear for a successful touring season! Ask us for a service quote at

Creative Stage Lighting now Axon HD Major Reseller

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Today we’re announcing another partnership with High End Systems. Creative Stage Lighting is a Axon HD Major Reseller. CSL Dealers now have access to the brand new Axon HD and Axon HD Pro media servers.

CSL has had an excellent history with High End beginning many years ago. Craig Burros of High End said:

> We continue to collaborate with CSL’s technically experienced regional management in place throughout the United States to service their distribution client base, and now to convey the practical dominance of the Axon family over other media server models available in the market, an excellent choice for us to work together and platform this arrangement on the heels of our recent Hog 4 Major Reseller establishment with Creative Stage Lighting.

Axon HD and Axon HD Pro is a brand new update of High End System’s innovative media server line. Axon HD media servers are rack-mountable, featuring quiet operation, Intel Haswell hardware, Windows 7 embedded 64-bit operating system, and capable of 4k output. The graphics engine has been completely upgraded, playing back content at its native resolution. Axon HD also comes with a rich HD media library and includes all the original Axon content.

To learn more about Axon HD and Axon HD Pro you can take a look at [our Axon HD product pages]( or give us a call at (518) 251-3302.

CSL’s Holiday 2013 Hours

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Creative Stage Lighting will break to celebrate the holidays and the New Year on December 20, 5pm. We will reopen for normal business hours on January 2, 2014. If you need assistance during this time please call us at (518) 251–3302 for our emergency contacts.

We will process orders right up until we close. Please be sure to get orders in by 3pm EST Friday afternoon to ensure prompt shipping before the break.

From all of us at Creative Stage Lighting, thank you for your business and for a wonderful 2013. We’ll see you again in 2014. Enjoy the holidays and take care.

Introducing JB-lighting’s Sparx 7

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This year at LDI we introduced JB-lighting’s new Sparx 7 LED moving light. JB-lighting first announced Sparx 7 earlier this year at PLASA.

Sparx 7 1

Sparx 7 takes the same principles of their PLASA Innovation award winning A7 LED moving head and builds on it with a brand new head technology and cooling system. It’s still small, lightweight, and powerful, but includes a few upgrades, including

– 19 RGBW multi-chip LEDs at 15w
– Individual heatsinks for each LED, reducing weight and making maintenance easier than previous generations
– Smooth dimming
– A zoom range of 4-40º

The Sparx 7 also features a brand new effects engine. Designers can create a huge number of effects with minimal DMX channels.

[For more information about Sparx 7 please check out our dedicated page with a video demonstration](

VMB Show Lift

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Our friends at VMB recently revealed their new Show Lift automated lift for creative lighting. Check out the video and description below.

> Showlift – The ultimate tool for stage designs.

> The S.Lift 4/55 is the latest within stage design and offers a whole new world of opportunities for AV, Pyro, Light and stage design that has never before been possible.

> This is an automated tower that is controlled by a DMX512 signal.
All towers are connected to the same Control system with 2 channel for optimal safe operation.

> With a height from 1,27m to 4,11m with a max load on 55 kg you have the opportunity to carry out many creative designs.
The S.Lift 4/55 is a compact tower that weighs only 88 Kg and is easy to move and handle. A special flight case is available to transport the lift together with all its cables and accessories.
The S.Lift 4/55 can operate with different variable speeds with smooth flow.

>Multiple towers can be linked together and do the same movement. This gives you the ability to use multiple towers to lift the same object. Be creative with the VMB Showlift and experience a new world of possibilities.

> – A lighting & lifting tool developed and designed by Prolifts engineers.
> – Instant position reading.
> – Variable speed and height.
> – DMX Controllable from a lighting desk.
> – Touch screen bi-directional controller.
> – Geared motor controlled via a PLC drive, capable of transmitting requested actions to the engine from the controller.
> – IP56 rated system.
> – Locking system for overload and/or short circuit.
> – Automatic restart or return to zero after unexpected loss of signal.

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